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Where is Coatesville PA?

A suburb of Philadelphia and situated in Chester County, PA, Coatesville is known for housing the longest-operating steel mill in America. In fact, the growth of the steel industry in the area coincided with Coatesville’s boom and rise as a city. The town gets its name from Moses Coates, a wealthy farmer who purchased the land we now know as Coatesville in 1787.

The weather in Coatesville PA is typical of the Northeastern part of the country: hot, humid summers and freezing, snowy winters. Today, Coatesville is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. The city has a rich history and is known for having some of the best schools in Pennsylvania.


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What is Coatesville PA known for?

A town rich in history, most sights to see in Coatesville have some historical significance tied to them. Here are some of the places you may visit during your stay in Coatesville.


The Brandywine Museum is an art museum located in the historic German neighborhood of Coatesville. The museum was founded in 1946 and has a permanent collection of over 10,000 works of art from all countries, including paintings, sculptures, and decorative objects.


The Graystone Mansion is a historic house museum located at 1818 Arch Street in Coatesville PA. The mansion was built in 1876 for Henry Gray, who founded the city’s first bank and served as mayor for many years. The mansion was restored in 2009 by the Dennis Miller Foundation.


Historical Highbridge is a National Historic Landmark in Upper Darby Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, United States. It consists of two spans: the High Bridge across the Schuylkill River at Darby Creek and a steel truss bridge connecting Darby Creek Valley to High Bridge Park on Pennsylvania Route 345 near its intersection with Pennsylvania Route 313. This bridge has been in use for around a hundred years.


The National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum is a nonprofit educational institution whose mission is to educate audiences of all ages and interests about the history of steel in Coatesville and the surrounding area in southeastern Chester County, Pennsylvania. to deepen. It preserves, exhibits, and interprets the history of steel and its relationship with the region.

In Coatesville, the connection between early industry and transportation has been most evident through the historic development of the Philadelphia and Columbia Railroad bridge. The bridge, originally built in 1834, was once used by steam engines to carry passengers and freight between Philadelphia and Columbia, Pennsylvania on Pennsylvania Avenue in Coatesville.

Hibernia County Park is located in Coatesville, PA, and offers a variety of activities including fishing, swimming, boating, and hiking. The park also has a playground and picnic areas. The park features a 1.5-mile hiking trail that winds along the Little Conestoga River. There are also two additional miles of trails for mountain bikers and an equestrian trail for horseback riding. There are several boat launches available at Hibernia County Park, as well as a concession stand offering food and drinks. A fishing pier and ramp are located near the park’s main entrance.

Is Coatesville PA a nice place to live?

Given that Coatesville has a relatively low crime rate and has tons of good schools in the area, it is definitely a great place to settle down. Coatesville PA is a community with a strong sense of family and community, making it a competitive option for residents. It has many amenities to offer, including fine dining, shopping, and culture. Its public schools are highly rated. However, public schools are not the only option for education in Coatesville. The city offers many private schools that are either religious or private.


In the past decade, the city has seen an influx of young families move into town. The median age for residents of Coatesville is 31 years old. This makes it one of the youngest cities in the United States. Coatesville PA is known for its manufacturing industry, which accounts for more than 20% of all jobs in the city. The economy has been thriving since 2006 when it was ranked as one of America’s top 25 manufacturing cities by Forbes Magazine.


The city is also known for its peaceful small-town charm. With a tight-knit community due to its small population size, you are sure to feel at home in Coatesville. Coupled with the scenic views all year round, this is indeed a great place to stay, whether for a quick getaway or to settle down and retire.


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Lancaster PA

Located in Pennsylvania, Lancaster PA is among the oldest cities in the United States. The area has a history of migration, particularly of the Pennsylvania Dutch hailing from Germany. Upon settling in 1709, the borough was first known as Hickory Town and was then renamed “Lancaster” by John Wright, an English pioneer hailing from Lancaster, England. Eventually, in 1742, Lancaster was formally incorporated as a borough and as a city in 1818.


Lancaster served as the capital of the United States temporarily during the American Revolution. It was also the former capital of Pennsylvania in the years 1799 to 1812. Following the American Revolution, the city evolved into a center of commerce, particularly in the iron industry. Currently, the city’s main industries include manufacturing, healthcare, and tourism. Lancaster is known to be the center of Pennsylvania’s Dutch County.


Today, Lancaster is comprised of an array of different ethnicities due to its history of European settlers, primarily from Germany. Other ethnic groups which comprise Lancaster are Puerto Rican, African American, and Irish, to name a few. Another name to call Lancaster is the Red Rose City after its English counterpart. For this reason, the city’s basketball and baseball teams had been previously known as the Lancaster Red Roses.


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Proudly serving the Southeast Pennsylvania area, Tri County Disposal aims to provide companies with affordable dumpster rental services along with outstanding customer service. The company began as Glick Exteriors’ own waste management team. Upon noticing that other individuals and businesses alike had a similar need for dumpster rental services, the team decided to offer this as a service of its own, and thus began Tri County Disposal. Thus, they expanded and now cater to a need for waste management Coatesville PA.


Founded in 2020, our family-owned company knows what it means to run a business. With firsthand experience managing construction projects ourselves, we know what kind of service clients look for in a dumpster rental company: efficient, honest, and reliable. This is why each and every member of the Tri County Disposal team, from customer service to dispatch, are trained to focus on each client and give them a hassle-free experience. This is so you can focus on your project while we take care of all things debris.

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