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Where is Wellsville PA?

Wellsville PA is located in York County, Pennsylvania. Home to only around 300 residents, this borough is quite small, giving Wellsville a distinct small-town charm. In fact, its total area is a mere one square mile. The area was founded in 1737 by Abram Wells, from whom the borough gets its name. If you are traveling and find yourself in the Warrington Township, Wellsville is just along its border.

Because of its historical relevance, the Wellsville Historic District found its way to the National Register of Historic Places in 1977. Early on in the borough’s history, Wellsville was known for its blend of rural and old architecture.


The Wellsville PA weather is mild and pleasant throughout the year. Summers are warm with highs in the mid to upper 80s. Winters are mild and damp, averaging in the low to mid-40s. The climate in Wellsville is characterized by hot, humid summers and cold, snowy winters. The area averages about 6 inches of rainfall per year, which is more than most other areas of this region of Pennsylvania.

What is in Wellsville PA?

If you have a weekend off and find yourself in the Wellsville area, there are a ton of things to do depending on what you are up for. Whether you are looking for some adventure or something more peaceful, Wellsville and York County have it all. Wellsville is surrounded by several beautiful areas that are perfect for outdoor activities such as camping and hiking.

There are also many places to visit in Wellsville PA that offer various entertainment options for their visitors such as restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. No matter the Wellsville PA weather, there is always something to keep you busy in the area. Here are some places to visit:


The Thunder River Alpacas is a fun and educational experience for children and adults alike. The alpacas were rescued from a Pennsylvania factory farm and are now living out their lives at Thunder River Alpacas, where they are free from their abusive pasts. They live in spacious barns with plenty of room to run around and play with other alpacas.

This place is ideal for families and kids as well since you may even pet the alpacas if you wish. Thunder River Alpacas is located in the heart of Dillsburg, PA. The alpacas are raised for their fleece and fiber production. The farm also offers classes on how to care for alpacas, as well as tours of their animals.


If you’re looking for a great place to visit during the winter months, Roundtop Mountain Resort is a great choice. The resort has a variety of lodging options, including cabins and chalets, but they also have plenty of activities to keep you busy. Located just outside of Wellsville PA in Lewisberry, Roundtop offers all levels of skiers and riders a chance to enjoy the slopes without having to travel far or spend hours getting there. There are also a number of summer activities available including golfing, hiking, and mountain biking. 

There are plenty of places to eat at Roundtop, but if you’re looking for something a little more substantial than the typical snack bar fare, make sure to check out the restaurant on site called The Mountain Cafe.


The Haars Drive-In Theater in Dillsburg is an old-fashioned movie theater with an old-school feel that features classic movies every night of the week. This movie theater has been around since 1932 and has been serving patrons since then! The Haars Drive-In Theater also offers live music performances every Wednesday night at 8 pm during the summer months. The theater has its own concession stand, which sells ice cream, popcorn, and hot dogs. You can enjoy watching a movie under the stars or just sit back and relax while listening to some tunes.


Naylor Observatory in Lewisberry is a family-owned observatory that offers tours of the facility. The observatory offers visitors a view of the night sky, as well as an opportunity to learn more about astronomy. The observatory is open to the public daily, rain or shine. Visitors can learn about the history of astronomy through exhibits such as telescopes and other instruments used by astronomers to study our universe. The museum also offers classes on topics such as astrology, meteorology, and astronomy.


Eastern Museum of Motor Racing in York Springs is home to more than 140 vintage racing cars. A museum, it also hosts racing events throughout the year. Visitors can take a tour of the facility and see each car on display. It houses an extensive collection of racing cars from all eras, including Formula One vehicles from the 1960s through today’s Formula One cars.

The museum features various displays of race cars and memorabilia from past races, including automobiles from famous drivers such as Mario Andretti and Dale Earnhardt. The museum also hosts a variety of other exhibits related to racing, including cars on display from local dealerships and memorabilia from different eras in racing history.


For those who wish to commit to their stay in Wellsville PA and settle down for good, you might find that the process of either moving in or building a home in Wellsville will accumulate a ton of debris. For this reason, you will need an easy and convenient waste management solution, and a dumpster is the quickest way to stay on top of your debris needs.

A dumpster is an easy temporary storage solution for all your junk. It clears up clutter and frees up space, both physically and mentally. That is to say, not only will a dumpster keep your space clean, but it will also allow you to focus on your next task or project, or simply focus on other aspects of life.


Now that you’ve learned the benefits of dumpster rental, you might want to look for a team that can take care of your needs. Most clients need their dumpster ASAP and thus require a dumpster on demand for their home projects. If this is the case, you will then need a Wellsville PA residential dumpster rental, one that is streamlined specifically for individuals and homeowners as opposed to large corporations and businesses.

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Lancaster PA

Located in Pennsylvania, Lancaster PA is among the oldest cities in the United States. The area has a history of migration, particularly of the Pennsylvania Dutch hailing from Germany. Upon settling in 1709, the borough was first known as Hickory Town and was then renamed “Lancaster” by John Wright, an English pioneer hailing from Lancaster, England. Eventually, in 1742, Lancaster was formally incorporated as a borough and as a city in 1818.


Lancaster served as the capital of the United States temporarily during the American Revolution. It was also the former capital of Pennsylvania in the years 1799 to 1812. Following the American Revolution, the city evolved into a center of commerce, particularly in the iron industry. Currently, the city’s main industries include manufacturing, healthcare, and tourism. Lancaster is known to be the center of Pennsylvania’s Dutch County.


Today, Lancaster is comprised of an array of different ethnicities due to its history of European settlers, primarily from Germany. Other ethnic groups which comprise Lancaster are Puerto Rican, African American, and Irish, to name a few. Another name to call Lancaster is the Red Rose City after its English counterpart. For this reason, the city’s basketball and baseball teams had been previously known as the Lancaster Red Roses.


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Proudly serving the Southeast Pennsylvania area, Tri County Disposal aims to provide companies with affordable dumpster rental services along with outstanding customer service. The company began as Glick Exteriors’ own waste management team. Upon noticing that other individuals and businesses alike had a similar need for dumpster rental services, the team decided to offer this as a service of its own, and thus began Tri County Disposal. 


Founded in 2020, our family-owned company knows what it means to run a business. With firsthand experience managing construction projects ourselves, we know what kind of service clients look for in a dumpster rental company: efficient, honest, and reliable. This is why each and every member of the Tri County Disposal team, from customer service to dispatch, are trained to focus on each client and give them a hassle-free experience. This is so you can focus on your project while we take care of all things debris. 


The best waste management solution for all your debris and junk-related worries is a catch-all container in which you can set aside the junk temporarily. This is one benefit of having a convenient number to call for a roll off dumpster rental.

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Dumpster Rental Wellsville PA

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Wellsville is definitely a safe, peaceful, and family-friendly place to settle down and maybe start a family. If you wish to start on your journey to building a new home in the area, then you will need a residential dumpster rental Wellsville PA that will come in handy and quickly at your doorstep. This is where our professionals at Tri County Disposal PA can help out. Typically, one would want their containers on their property ASAP–this is why having a team that can lend you a dumpster on demand, where you need it and exactly when you need it, is highly crucial. Learn more about us and our great service by contacting our friendly team today. 


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No matter your project, whether small-scale or large-scale, residential or commercial, a dumpster can definitely come in handy. For this reason, opting for a roll off dumpster rental is the most practical, time-saving, and efficient thing you can do to stay on top of your project’s demands. This is where our team at Tri County Disposal comes in. We supply you with top-of-the-line, industry-grade containers that can catch all debris and keep your job site neat and orderly. A clutter-free space leads to a fuss-free project, so avail of our dumpster rental Wellsville PA today.


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