Tri County Gap Terms and Conditions


Tri County Disposal, the “Company”, provides dumpster rentals to customers in Gap and Lancaster as well as other areas in Pennsylvania.

Before placing a dumpster on someone’s property, they must obtain any permits or approvals from the local authorities.


The Company will deliver the dumpster at the customer’s location at the agreed-upon time and date. Customers must ensure that the dumpster truck can access the location.

Customers are responsible to properly load the dumpster and ensure that any materials inside are legal to dispose off and are not dangerous or toxic. Customers who try to dispose of prohibited materials may be refused service by the Company.


The safe and proper disposal of the dumpster is the responsibility of the customer. The Company is not responsible for any injury or damage caused by the misuse of the dumpster.

Customers must provide accurate information to the Company regarding the required size and type for their project. Incorrect information by customers will not result in the Company being held responsible for additional costs.


The Company reserves all rights to charge additional fees for extra days that the dumpster is left on customer’s property after the agreed-upon rental period.

Although the Company will do everything possible to pick up the dumpster at the agreed-upon time and date, it is possible for pick-up times to be altered due to unforeseeable circumstances.


Any customer who does not comply with these terms and conditions will be terminated by the Company.

These terms and conditions are the complete agreement between the Company, the customer and the company regarding the rental of the dumpster. They supersede any prior agreements or understandings, oral or written.


Any dispute arising out of or in connection to this agreement shall be settled according to the laws of Pennsylvania.

The customer agrees that the company, its officers and agents, as well as employees, will be held harmless from any claims, demands and damages, liabilities costs, and expenses arising from the customer’s rental of the dumpster services.


Revised and Created on January 05, 2023