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Where is Palmyra PA?

Situated in Lebanon County, Palmyra PA comprises roughly 7,800 residents. This borough is a historical site of many events. Much like most of Pennsylvania, its earlier settlers all hail from Europe. In fact, Palmyra gets its name from the German Pallemschteddel. Its total land area is 1.9 square miles.


There are other landmarks that might help you spot Palmyra, including several bodies of water. Although no river runs through Palmyra PA, the borough is surrounded by several creeks, namely the Quittapahilla, Spring, Killinger, and Swatara Creeks. The borough is also in between Annville and Hershey. It is in the eastern section of the Lebanon Valley, also referred to as the Great Valley. Palmyra PA weather is pleasant all year round, making it ideal to explore all that the area has to offer.

What is Palmyra PA known for?

Historically, Palmyra was home to several tribes, namely the Susquehannock and Lenape. In 1650, settlers flocked to the area, particularly for its abundant resources such as game and fish. The quality of soil and land is also rich enough to sustain an agricultural lifestyle. This settlement was also a part of William Penn’s colony, which hooked settlers onto the area as his primary focus was to provide freedom and civil rights.


Historically, people would claim their territory in Pennsylvania by way of squatting or informally settling in an area. This method of occupation reached its peak around the early to mid-1700s. For Palmyra PA, in particular, the majority of its earliest settlers are of German and Scottish descent.


To give a brief background of this migration, Scotch-Irish fled their homeland due to numerous socio-political reasons, and as a survival tactic, these settlers tended to be exclusive and clannish, avoiding settlers of other nationalities. A great number of Scotts have managed to penetrate the local government, thus influencing the town with their Presbyterian and conservative beliefs, especially because they were persecuted in their homeland for their spiritual and religious beliefs.

Palmyra PA Weather

Palmyra’s weather is described as a humid continental climate. Much like the rest of Pennsylvania, the weather in Palmyra PA is typically pleasant and consistent with what you would expect of each of the year’s seasons.

Moving to Palmyra PA

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Lancaster PA

Located in Pennsylvania, Lancaster PA is among the oldest cities in the United States. The area has a history of migration, particularly of the Pennsylvania Dutch hailing from Germany. Upon settling in 1709, the borough was first known as Hickory Town and was then renamed “Lancaster” by John Wright, an English pioneer hailing from Lancaster, England. Eventually, in 1742, Lancaster was formally incorporated as a borough and as a city in 1818.


Lancaster served as the capital of the United States temporarily during the American Revolution. It was also the former capital of Pennsylvania in the years 1799 to 1812. Following the American Revolution, the city evolved into a center of commerce, particularly in the iron industry. Currently, the city’s main industries include manufacturing, healthcare, and tourism. Lancaster is known to be the center of Pennsylvania’s Dutch County.


Today, Lancaster is comprised of an array of different ethnicities due to its history of European settlers, primarily from Germany. Other ethnic groups which comprise Lancaster are Puerto Rican, African American, and Irish, to name a few. Another name to call Lancaster is the Red Rose City after its English counterpart. For this reason, the city’s basketball and baseball teams had been previously known as the Lancaster Red Roses.


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Dumpster Rental Palmyra PA

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