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Tri-County disposal is a local owned and operated roll-off dumpster company providing local dumpster rental services Reistville PA. With over 30 years of customer service experience at the helm, Tri-County disposal is the elite service provider within the dumpster rental industry. Beyond that we have every roll-off dumpster size available to rent whether you need it for a construction project/job site or a residential junk removal or renovation Tri-County disposal is here to help.

 Finding the Right Size Dumpster in Lebanon County


You may think that a dumpster company won’t have a container that will meet your needs. We have a range of dumpster sizes for you to choose from. Request a 10-yard dumpster when you have landscaping or household debris to get rid of. A 15-yard dumpster is ideal for home remodeling jobs or cleanout projects, but you will need a 20-yard dumpster for construction or fire and flood restoration projects. If you will be completing multiple projects at the same time, request a 30-yard dumpster to be certain it will hold all your trash.

 Dumpster Rental Pricing

The cost of your dumpster rental will vary based on the cubic yard size that you choose and how long you need it for. Other things that contribute to the cost of a dumpster rental car, rental. And type of material along with the weight of the material. 

You should consider if what you are disposing of is very heavy you may want to go with a larger dumpster because it will have a larger tonnage a lot man which could Cost You Less the best way to ensure that you get exactly what you need is to call our friendly customer service representatives and discuss the specifics of your project and we will be happy to ensure a good experience.

Why Should You Spend Money on a Dumpster Rental?


When you are completing a major project, you are probably spending money. Why would you want to spend more to rent a dumpster? Working with a dumpster company in Reistville, you can complete the project in less time and enjoy the fruits of your labor. All you need to do is fill the dumpster with trash, and we will send our local dumpster service to pick it up. That is one less thing you need to do when you may already be overwhelmed with tasks. When should you call for this container?


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Dumpster Rental Companies & Residential Projects


There is always something that needs to be done around the home. You may want to replace a small porch behind the house or put new floors in the master bedroom. A dumpster rental near me is of help in both situations. This residential dumpster might also be used to haul away yard waste when you are putting in a new garden or adding a water feature and need to remove shrubs and other obstructions.


The dumpster rental gives you a place to collect any trash that you accumulate as your project moves forward. You can also rent a dumpster for a renovation project or when adding to the home. We have dumpster rentals ideal for these projects and more.


Commercial Projects


You may contact a local dumpster company when you want a commercial dumpster for everyday use at your business. This same local dumpster service may be able to provide additional containers when you have a project that must be completed. We are available to help when you are doing a commercial cleanout or you are upgrading the furnishings and need to throw away the old ones because they are no longer usable.

Our local dumpster company can haul away many different types of items. 

We have worked with retail establishments undergoing major remodeling projects and removed debris from construction sites with the help of dumpsters. Your business is unique and we recognize this. When you contact us, we work with you to find cost-effective solutions that will get the job done. However, we cannot handle hazardous waste removal. You will need to find another provider to take on that job.


Call us to rent a dumpster for roofing shingles, household debris, and yard waste. You would be surprised to learn what has been put in these dumpsters over the years. If you have any questions about what can and cannot go in the containers, please ask. We are here to answer your questions and address your concerns, as we want you to be happy with your rental.


We are the only dumpster rental provider you need in Berks County. Our team can provide a dumpster or send in a team when you need help with certain projects, such as appliance removal in a commercial kitchen. Call us today to discuss the project you have planned, and we will help you find the dumpster rental and services that will allow you to get it done quickly and efficiently. 

Reistville is a town many people would love to live in. It has been around for centuries and was once a hub for commerce. Those who live here today want to preserve its charm and find it easy to do so with the help of Tri-County Disposal. We can provide a dumpster rental in Reistville for any project a person or business has planned.

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