Dumpster Rental Parkesburg PA
Dumpster Rental Parkesburg PA


Almost everyone has unwanted junk cluttering up their property. Of course, this problem is bigger for some people than others. For many people, it’s far too much for a few trash bags to cover. If you fall into that category, a dumpster rental in Parkesburg PA could be the answer you’re looking for. 


Which Dumpster Size Do You Need? | Local Dumpster Rental Services Parkesburg PA


As a full-service dumpster company in Parkesburg, Tri-County Disposal is here to serve. We have several dumpster sizes to cover a range of cleanup projects. Those include:



Each of these options is suitable for a variety of projects. If you’re carrying out major home renovations or completing a construction or demolition project, a 30-yard dumpster may be the best choice.

For medium-sized projects, 20-yard dumpsters could be more suitable. They’re appropriate for garage cleanouts, small construction jobs, minor renovations, and sizable landscaping projects. They can hold about six truckloads of debris, so they’re often used as commercial dumpsters. 

Smaller projects may only require a 15-yard residential dumpster. These bins can handle four to five truckloads of waste or the equivalent of up to 100 33-gallon trash bags. Spring cleaning, small-scale home repairs, and minor yard cleanups usually only warrant a 10-yard dumpster. Keep in mind, though, if your project falls somewhere in the middle of these general guidelines, it’s best to choose the next size up to ensure it fully covers your needs. 


What Are the Benefits of a Dumpster Rental?


A local dumpster company can bring numerous advantages to home and business owners. For one, renting a dumpster can save a great deal of time and fuel. Making several trips to a local junkyard or landfill can be an all-day job. For larger projects, it could consume an entire weekend or more. 

All those trips back and forth add to significant fuel costs as well. With the cost of gas and diesel constantly rising these days, that, alone could be reason enough to search for a dumpster rental near me. It’s only the beginning, though.

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Convenience is another benefit of dumpster rentals in Chester County. You can schedule a dumpster rental when the time is right for you, and we bring it to you. When it’s full or your project is complete, we’ll come and pick it up. From there, we’ll dispose of the junk or debris for you.

You won’t have to worry about all the little details when you turn to a dumpster company like us. We’ll handle them all on your behalf. 

Like most people, you may not even have the right equipment on hand to load up and haul away yard waste, construction debris, or household appliances and furniture. Those items definitely won’t fit in the trunk of a car or the cargo hold of an SUV.

Not everyone has a trailer available to handle extra loads. Many people don’t have a pickup truck, either. With help from a local dumpster service, you don’t need them.



Renting a dumpster also gives you plenty of flexibility. Whether you’re getting rid of dead shrubs and other green waste or kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures, a dumpster can handle it. Dumpsters are suitable for office furniture and equipment, chunks of cement and rebar, broken lawn furniture, and almost anything else you may need to get rid of. 


The different dumpster sizes available to you only enhance that flexibility. No matter what type of project you have in mind or how large or small it may be, renting a dumpster could be the perfect solution. We can deliver and pick up dumpsters almost anywhere in Parkesburg PA and the surrounding areas, too, so we’re fully capable of meeting your needs. 


Clean Up Your Property with an Affordable Dumpster Rental


If you have an upcoming cleanup project, our local dumpster services are the solution. Contact us, and let us help you keep your property in top-notch shape. We cater to both commercial and residential needs, and we’re dedicated to customer satisfaction. Consider renting a dumpster for affordable, versatile solutions to all your junk and waste removal needs. 


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